Anupamaa on Desi Serials

Anupamaa, a submitted housewife, mother and young lady in-law, is family-arranged and kindhearted. Denied of comparable love and respect in her home from her own family members, she comprehends the cruel truth and sets out to continue with her life on her own terms.

Anupamaa is consistently humiliated for being an essential housewife with an insufficient degree. Her better half Vanraj unobtrusively has been having an unlawful relationship with his accomplice Kavya as far back as eight years, the last tendency unstable in light of Anupamaa. Anupamaa wins the funfair at Paakhi’s school and gets a recommendation for work as a cooking instructor. Vanraj and Leela are from the outset against the idea yet Kavya convinces Vanraj to permit Anupamaa to work. Regardless, she is after a short time ended inferable from her unpunctuality achieved by Vanraj. Rakhi, Kinjal’s mother, gets incredulous about Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage in the wake of meeting Anupamaa anyway over the long haul agrees to the marriage with the intend to break the marriage somehow. Notwithstanding Devika and Anirudh endeavoring to alert Anupamaa about Kavya and Vanraj’s relationship, she won’t confide in them and imparts her trust in Vanraj.

As Paritosh and Kinjal prepare for marriage, Nandini gets some answers concerning Vanraj and Kavya’s endeavor and faces the last referenced. Vanraj and Kavya book their marriage around similar season of his and Anupamaa’s marriage celebration. In any case, Vanraj gets himself inadequate to show up at Kavya and is fairly remarried to Anupamaa while Kavya is left seething. In the wake of seeing Vanraj and Kavya conceding their reverence and getting comfortable, Anupamaa is left broken and blacks out. In the wake of recovering from the paralyze, she breaks her relationship with Vanraj yet covers reality from the family. Maintained by Devika, Anupamaa makes a virtual limit among herself and Vanraj.

Kavya and Vanraj plan an extraordinary first night at a lodging that unexpectedly, is moved by Rakhi’s friend. Misusing the condition, Rakhi calls the Shahs there for the week’s end where she revealed the issue before the whole family and drops Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding. Vanraj issues Anupamaa for his endeavor anyway his family doesn’t excuse him. Maddened Vanraj goes out and moves in with Kavya.

Paritosh and Kinjal slip away and marry in court. While Anupamaa welcomes them, Rakhi promises to devastate their family, on and on failing in her undertakings to cut off their marriage. With Devika’s help, Anupamaa recovers her work as a cooking educator while Vanraj gets his situation being referred to when another CEO goes to his office. The Shah family decides to have an astonishing wedding for Kinjal and Paritosh. On Leela’s interest, Vanraj returns to momentarily stay with the Shahs to fulfill his commitments as a father. Rakhi moves Kavya toward going to the marriage, where she creates a circumstance and is slapped by Anupamaa. Furious Vanraj leaves with Kavya.